More sectors - more opportunities!

The next edition of the RemaDays Warsaw surprises not only with new, more spacious venue of the exhibition. We offer you new scope for presenting your offers too!

Every edition of the RemaDays Warsaw is unique for us. Not just because of many positive experiences and emotions, incredible climate, which, together with you, we are able to build. All trade fairs organized by us also become a source of our knowledge about what should be changed or improved.

The new edition of the fair stands for not only a new venue, but also additional sectors of the exhibition, which arose from the need to refine very large areas of the advertising industry down. This solution will allow you for even more effective presentation of the offer by locating it in the right place of the hall. Now certainly you will be visited by all interested!

Alongside the existing sectors: Out&InDoorSystems, GiftsWorld, TechnologyPark, PrintShow new ones thus appear: PhotoCreation, InternetSolution, EventShow, TextileZone or School&OfficeRoom.

A detailed description of all sectors of the trade fair can be found here.


Interview with Sławomir Giefing, CEO of GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o., the organizer of the RemaDays Warsaw, for VIDART magazine


How do you see the role of trade fairs in the modern world, especially in an era of ever growing internet offer?

I should start from the fact that a large trade fair is irreplaceable. It always is a meeting between man and man. No other form of communication is and will be as effective as direct interaction. The strength of exhibitions, of course, is that the potential customer can touch the product, discuss the details of the offer or ask specific questions. It often happens that one can take part in a technological process. In conclusion, the use of the Internet only facilitates everyday communication. So there is no big competition between fairs and broadly defined Internet. They rather complement each other.


What do you think about how trade fair market is changing in the world of changing economic centers?

Trade fairs are held in places where economic centres are located. There was a moment, when professionals from the industry very favorably looked towards the Far East. Also there, large exhibition events have been organized. It is, however, slowly changing. In this market, all what is most important happens in Europe. Instant availability of goods, unified legal and economic system or competitive pricing make for example China start losing its importance a bit. We are delighted that Poland is slowly becoming such a centre. This trend has persisted for several years.


What are the trends on this market in Europe of vanishing borders, easier communication and increasing globalization?

Disappearing borders let companies operating in this industry get closer. As previously mentioned, one of the beneficiaries of these changes is our country. Contractors from all over Europe are more willing to enter into cooperation with Polish entities. They know that we are still motivated to work, we are innovative and we have a lot to offer. Not without significance is also the location of our country at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. We have got established brand name on both sides. You can see it during the RemaDays trade fair that we are considered as a serious partner. I hope that this attitude will be maintained.


What are the prospects that the organizer of the RemaDays faces?

I think that prospects are better and better and we have got reliable basis that make us think this way. For several years, every new event organized by us in Warsaw broke previous attendance record. The RemaDays are the largest trade fair in Central Europe. This came to be that in Expo XXI centre we started keeping oneself to oneself. It prompted us to change the location. Seeing interest from both exhibitors and visitors we look ahead with great optimism.


Next year Rema is announced to be held in a new venue. What were the reasons for making this decision?

Next year the Trade Fair for Advertising and Printing RemaDays takes place in far more comfortable conditions. In order to develop our event, and such a goal has always prevailed, we had to take decisive actions. From year to year the number of visitors has been growing and on some occasions we experienced one of the halls got “jam-packed”. However, there were much more reasons.


What is the significance of financial considerations?

Finances were not a problem for us and it was not a factor that influenced our decision.


Were simulations conducted on the feasibility of the event in a new venue?

Of course, because such decisions cannot be made overnight. There were a few ideas, but we finally focused on the Expo Warsaw Nadarzyn near Warsaw. We will have much greater exhibition space. There are parking lots for over three thousand vehicles. We all known that car park have been a problem. Visitors will have the opportunity to move freely and, most importantly, they will benefit from more places to rest.


Don’t you fear a repeat of the situation with an attempt to shift part of the exhibition to Mars halls?

It was completely different situation. Willingness to exhibit in this venue was expressed by 20 companies and the others wanted to stay in halls at Prądzyńskiego street. We gave up the idea, taking needs of both visitors and exhibitors into account. After an exhausting day spent in halls of Expo XXI, not everyone would like to travel to another location. In turn, weaker interest would affect the companies presenting their products. Therefore, this time we do not divide the fair, and the whole event is moved to a far more convenient venue.


Are you going to run shuttle buses from downtown?

We will try to keep all facilities that used to be prepared for previous editions. Special buses will be running from the airport to which you can get by city railway. We will have to think whether we should maintain special connection from Warszawa Zachodnia railway station as our guests got used to it. Exhibition halls are located at the intersection of major roads and motorways. It will provide a possibility to bypass the center of the capital. I think next year’s RemaDays guests will be pleased with our proposals.


To what extent the decision was consulted with exhibitors, and if yes, what were their opinions?

After this year's event was finished we got in touch with all exhibitors. We made our decision on the basis of their comments. We knew one thing - that the show would be held in Warsaw. We were collecting opinions about exhibition space, comfort of work, communication capabilities and it turned out that Expo Warsaw Nadarzyn near Warsaw would meet all the requirements in the best way. I think that the new formula proposed to exhibitors will work.


And the same question, but in relation to guests of the RemaDays?

Even during the fair guests approached us with a variety of suggestions and comments. We also received a large e-mail correspondence. These comments have been repeated for several years. We were aware of the problem. We knew about it too well. There was no place to rest and halls, because of their capacity, were often overcrowded and the flow of visitors was blocked. A large blemish was also a car park. Now, this will change.


Poznań International Fair (MTP) has started information campaign about Reklama360. In view of their current ideas it seems that these plans are worth attention. It is the widest and farthest-reaching proposal on the advertising market and addressing this industry. It intends to engage largest creative agencies. In comparison to these announcements, an offer by the RemaDays underachieves – limited solely to the sale of exhibition space. How would you comment the offer of Reklama360?

I do not really know form where comes the opinion that the offer of Reklama360 is the widest on the market. The size of the event is determined by the number of exhibitors, what offer they present and thus what interest they awake among visitors. We can discuss the scope of the fair after they take place. That is why I will not comment on the announcements. Politicians before the elections can also make a plenty of promises, however it is much worse with their implementation.


Is the advertising trade on our market in need of this type of action, or should we be satisfied with what is happening behind our western border?

Everything what is new is good for the industry. We do not need to be specially guided by what is happening behind our western border. Polish market is doing very well. These are we who become more and more attractive and have more to say. Lots of companies from our country even specialize in servicing contractors from the "West". There are more and more exhibitors and visitors from Europe appearing at the RemaDays. It confirms us in belief that we are going the right way.


Do you intend to change anything in your offer?

We started with the most important change which is a venue. This will not only let us increase the number of exhibitors to about seven hundred but also improve comfort of work. Through this transfer the capacity to carry out accompanying events will rise as well. RemaCongress will grow, and as a bit of trivia I can already announce that during the RemaDays 2016 Polish championship in car wrapping will be held. Our offer will be greatly expanded and thereby attractiveness of the show will rise, also in the eyes of our guests.

Pumping up the advertising!

The RemaDays Warsaw trade fair, during last 11 years, stuck in marketing specialists’ minds as the most important annual event in the industry. Every single edition of the show is even more modern and interesting. This time, the show will be exceptional because of two reasons. Next year the RemaDays will be held in Warsaw EXPO centre in Nadarzyn. The dates of the show have been also changed – advertising trade specialists will meet on 16th-18th February.

Even more
The RemaDays Warsaw show broadens its exhibition space up to 30 000 m2! Perfect exhibition area and friendly atmosphere will make the days spent at the fair  be a genuine pleasure!

Even simpler
Practical halls will allow all parts of the exhibition to be accessible in much closer distance.  Former multilevel spaces may go into oblivion, because guests have now two elegant and modern halls at their disposal.

Even closer
The 2016 edition will take place in a perfect venue - having convenient transport system and being located directly by the S8 expressway. In addition, the organizer will provide transport from Warszawa Zachodnia railway station and Warsaw Chopin Airport. Visitors will bypass traffic jams and will get quickly to the exhibition centre!

Even more delicious
Guests can also use relaxation zone where they will be able to get some rest during the daylong establishing trade relationships. Relaxed atmosphere will be fostered by cafes that provide access to gastronomy.

Even faster
Visitors will appreciate the fact that registration will take place simultaneously at four points. As a result, guests will avoid waiting in queues for the moment to get in and have more time for moving around exhibition space.

We will be honoured to see you there!

Interest in the RemaDays Warsaw grows

We are pleased to inform you that due to our Customers’ growing interest in The RamaDays Warsaw trade fair the organizer of the show increases exhibition space to 30000 m2!

It is going to be a great trade event which you have to attend! At the disposal of visitors there will be additional facilities prepared: two comfortable halls, more parking lots, relaxation area, safe and easy access, accompanying events and what is most important – more exhibitors.

We trust that all these factors make the RemaDays in Nadarzyn near Warsaw is the ideal place to run the business.

See you there!

International quality of the OneDay Roadshow 2015

Turn of summer and autumn. Just before the hot Christmas period. Four cities on its rout with capital city of our western neighbors for the first time in history. A few dozens of exhibitors and hundreds of visitors on one of the most important events for advertising trade in 2015. This is the way the awaited OneDay Roadshow - the series of one-day meetings of professionals from the industry, which starts on 31st August in Warsaw - is going to be.


Double triumph of the advertising trade during ODS Poland


In just two years the One Day Roadshow has become one of the most desired events in the world of advertising and the success along with satisfaction of the trade representatives prompted organizers to expand beyond Polish boarders. Representatives of advertising agencies, importers and distributors of promotional gifts will have an excellent possibility to step in new markets, extend business contacts and, what is most important, reach out new specialized customers directly. In four consecutive events in organized in four cities – starting in Warsaw through Chorzow ( 1st September), Poznan (2nd September) and finishing in Berlin (3rd September) – the exhibitors will benefit from comfortable conditions to present their products. Additionally, the tour’s participants will have a possibility to be the first participants in extended formula of opening meeting broadened by specialist training held in Polish capital city on 31st August.

A new dimension of the tour


Especially for representative of the ODS exhibitors as well as for its guests, the organizer of the show - company GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. prepares 2 interesting trainings aiming at improvement of sales skills, which are indispensible in this field. They not only strengthen significance of the whole ODS but they create an ideal possibility to improve one’s skills which are invaluable, particularly, in direct business contact. We are pleased to invite all who are interested in participation to book their passes.

On 31st August at 9 a.m. the first lecture “Persuasive telemarketing-how to sell by phone” begins, and just after noon, at 12.30 p.m., the participants will have a chance to learn “Social engineering in sales – how to ethically influence customers”. Both trainings will be conducted in an interesting and foremost valuable way by Mr Bartlomiej Stolarczyk in The Novotel Warszawa Centrum hotel located on Marszlkowska Str. The cost of participation in one training is 60 PLN and in both 100 PLN. All details are available on See you there!

Our Address:
GJC Inter Media
ul. Podbiałowa 11
61-680 Poznań
tel. +48 61 825 73 22
fax. +48 61 825 84 85
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 4pm

13th Edition, 15-17 February 2017

Opening hours for visitors:

15 – 16.02.2016 – 9.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
17.02.2017 - 9.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.

The 13th edition of the RemaDays Warsaw trade fair is an excellent opportunity to open up to new European markets.

We kindly invite you to participate in this advertising feast - let's meet in Nadarzyn!