Contest 'CATALOGUE OF THE YEAR' - Regulations




§ 1

Catalogues of the RemaDays Warsaw 2017 trade fair exhibitors can be submitted for the Catalogue of the Year contest.

§ 2

The catalogues will be displayed for three days in the designated spot at the fairground.

§ 3

1. The conditions for accepting a submission for the contest are the following:

- Sending your aplication for participation in the Contest shall be done by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by no later than 22 January, 2017.

- taking part in the Contest implies a fee of 300 PLN + current VAT

- making the required payment for the participation in the contest to the GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. bank account no later than on 22 January, 2017.

2. The submissions undergo a formal verification by GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. located in Poznań.

3. In case of withdrawing a catalog submission no less than 14 days before the start of the trade fair, 50% of the amount paid for the participation will be reimbursed. 

4. A catalog submitted for the contest has to be delivered to the organizer’s office at the fairground no later than on 15 February, 2017, 9.00 a.m.

§ 4

The assessment, on the basis of which the Medals for the Catalogue of the Year are awarded, is made by the trade fair visitors.

§ 5

A catalog submitted for the contest will not undergo the assessment, if the submission will not be in accordance with these Terms & Conditions.

§ 6

Each catalog submitted for the contest can be awarded with the Catalogue of the Year title only once.

§ 7

1. The decision regarding the award will be announced on the third day of the trade fair.

2. GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. informs the people, who submitted the catalog for the contest, about the award on the same day.

3. The Medal for the Catalogue of the Year is presented by a GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. representative – who is among the organizers of the contest, during a ceremony on the third day of the trade fair.

§ 8

1. The list of the prize-winning catalogs is published on the websites belonging to the organizer.

2. An exhibitor, whose catalog was awarded with the Catalogue of the Year prize, may include information about the prize in advertising publications (including mass media) and the graphic representation of the prize only on the prize-winning catalogs. Information regarding the award must include unambiguous indication of the prize-winning catalog and the name of the trade fair where the award was given.   

 § 9

The Organizer in case of circumstances beyond their control (in particular: force majeure, government decision) reserves the right to determine and make changes in course of the Contest, its Regulations and particular conditions of conducting it in order to preserve the ability to effective realization of the Contest, moreover, the right to set and change its schedule in terms of its timing and artistic aspects without prior consultation or compensation.

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13th Edition, 15-17 February 2017

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The 13th edition of the RemaDays Warsaw trade fair is an excellent opportunity to open up to new European markets.

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